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  community, cooperation, help, guidance with meditation, family issues, ideas for Buddhist sunday school, kids, fun, no big deal.  

Go here for wisdom, knowledge, freedom, truth, peace, love, kindness, friendship, creativity, intuition, spontenaity and many pages of muchness
Buddhist enlightenment and meditation and many ways of avoiding skinning the cat. Go Left or Rite - either way there is truth in abun dance.
this picture is of space, openness and contemplation. It is a reflection, a study on intelligence, true knowledge

Find out about Buddhism, Buddha, meditation, dhamma, sangha, wisdom, Four Noble Truths, Eightfold Path and all things Buddhist
  enter for meditation, stillness, tranquillity, peace, serenity, silence, calm, truth, poetry, harmony, composure, contentment, cool: a mind at rest. Take your time :)  















Buddha Mind hopefully has something, somewhere in the site, on all things Buddhist. The information here on meditation, Four Noble Truths, Eightfold Path, kamma, rebirth, anatta, Nibbana, Nirvana, scriptures, shrines, Buddhist history, the Life Story of the Buddha, stupas, stress management, life skills, Buddhist symbols, mandalas, dhamma, sangha, monasticism, rituals, festivals, family, Buddhist community, cooperation, collective projects, etc. is intended for students and teachers investigating Buddhism; perhaps with not a lot of previous background knowledge. It is not especially for beginners but they may well find it useful.